Online English Classes for Global Communication

English21st provides the necessary skills for learners to be successful in English communication in the business world.

Why English21st?

English 21st’s highly effective approach helps students practice in real communicative contexts to support authentic language learning.

Working with an experienced language teacher in real life conversation produces greater results than using digital platforms and self- learning management systems alone.

Communication Skills for Global Contexts

Classes focus on the abilities learners need in today’s business world to communicate effectively in their professional and daily lives.

real world

Engaging Course Content

English21st combines authentic materials at every level into the lessons to expose learners to the language spoken in the real world for effective communication.

Time and flexibility

English 21st online English classes are an excellent way to help students meet the challenges of the current global world.

Time and flexibility are important factors for today’s learners, and being able to learn in a dynamic class, with the latest digital materials and resources at their convenience are high priorities for students.


Blended Learning Approach

Learners have the opportunity to complete assignments before classes.

Online class time with the teacher is more focused and effective in order to promote more natural conversation and better language acquisition.

Use of Multimedia Sources

Multimedia resources include text sources,  short videos, audios, and authentic digital resources to support learning and reinforce language study.

Whole Language Communication

Communication focuses on the whole language, rather than just mastering parts of it to emphasize language usage.

Classes are customized and “Student centered” to ensure opportunities for meaningful language practice in real situations that are relevant to the learner and their interests and language goals. 


Book a strategy session to discuss the program and your plan to improve your communication skills.


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The English 21st Program

For the benefit of our students, the English 21st program has been organized into modules that have specific learning objectives for the student to be able to master business vocabulary that is necessary to better express themselves in English, improve their communication skills in order to feel comfortable and confident speaking up in meetings, and write professional emails that leave a great impression. A highly interactive approach and the use of authentic materials also allow students improve their language skills in context, creating more meaningful learning opportunities.

The program modules

Module 1

Intercultural Communication

Module 2

Business Vocabulary
and Idioms

Module 3

Business Grammar and Conversation Skills

Module 4

Pronunciation and Clarity

Module 5

Meetings and Presentations

Module 6

Writing Emails and Business Correspondences

About English21st

English21st classes are 1:1 and personalised to adapt to the needs of students. Timely effective feedback is given to provide support to students with their goals and language targets.

Through ZoomMicrosoft Teams or a preferred video conferencing platform students will be able to work with a schedule that is convenient for them, and learn at their own pace with a student centered approach.

The latest digital resources, and relevant and engaging materials are carefully selected to design personalized lessons in accordance with students’ specific needs and interests.

Classes are highly interactive giving students the opportunity to practice and apply content covered in an engaging and dynamic environment.

Personal story

I have been a teacher for over 20 years, with extensive experience in international education. I have a M.Ed. and I am TESOL trained. Much of my career in education has been as an English language trainer in the corporate sector, specifically working with professionals in international companies to help them develop better English communication skills for global contexts.

As a multilingual person myself I understand the challenges that learners face when trying to improve their language level and become effective communicators.  This background has provided me with important insights into language teaching and learning, and I’ve translated them into an approach that I believe to be exceptionally effective and meaningful for students.

Language learning is a lifetime commitment, and having opportunities to use and practice the language is key to becoming a fluent and lifelong speaker. 


We offer a very simple and personalised way to work online to reach your English language goals. Contact us at  to schedule your course.

The English21st approach allows the learner the flexibility of creating a personalised schedule that is convenient for them.  The modules cover topics that business professionals have to use effectively on a regular basis.

Take a business English placement test to determine your language ability by emailing us at

Online classes are 1:1 and are  scheduled at 1 hour per week for 12 weeks.

The program is designed to take about 3 months to complete, taking into account with weekly individual study by the learner and live teacher instruction, support and feedback.  Once you finish, your English abilities will have improved. 

English21st uses Paypal which accepts different forms of payment.

Yes. English21st  follows a program to ensure that learners receive the instruction and feedback necessary to reach their language goals. Classes are customised to meet the learner’s needs and interests, and, of course, accommodate their personal schedule. 

English21st  understands the time constraints of our learners, and for that reason, we offer a very flexible approach, providing our students with the opportunity to set their own schedule for online classes with their teacher, and engage in individual study and practice at pace and time that is convenient for them